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Most Dangerous Cities in Colorado 2023 Update

Most people associate Colorado with mountain peaks and skiing, but not with crime. While Colorado is not the most dangerous state, numerous cities have crime rates that are higher than the national average.

Visitors and locals should emphasize personal safety and take efforts to reduce dangers.

Exploring the Dark Side of Colorado’s Most Dangerous Cities in 2023

In a recently published article from Property Club, Sheridan is Colorado’s most deadly city. This little city in Arapahoe County has a population of 6,105 people. Sheridan’s overall crime rate is 375 percent greater than the national average. Some Colorado cities have greater crime rates than others. Grand Junction, Aurora, La Junta, Alamosa, Pueblo, Glendale, Sheridan, Canon City, Colorado Springs, and Federal Heights are among the cities with high crime rates, according to the data.

While prevention is crucial, having a self-defense equipment like pepper spray on hand can be handy in an emergency. Check to see if carrying such gadgets is allowed in the location you’re in.

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Colorado is well-known for its rich history, gorgeous scenery, and abundance of outdoor activities

In a recently published article from Southwest Journal, While Colorado is well-known for its beautiful scenery and outdoor activities, it is vital to note that certain sections of the state have seen an upsurge in criminal activity. When visiting or staying in Colorado, it is prudent to exhibit caution and take required safety precautions, particularly in areas with higher crime rates.

While Colorado has beautiful scenery and a variety of outdoor activities, it is crucial to note that criminal activity has increased in some sections of the state. Cities with higher crime rates include Grand Junction, Aurora, La Junta, Alamosa, Pueblo, Glendale, Sheridan, Canon City, Colorado Springs, and Federal Heights.

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