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Utah Man Shot His Teen Girlfriend in the Leg For Not Inviting Him to a Party

Utah man
Utah man shot her teen girlfriend in the leg. (Photo: Globe News)

Police authorities arrested a Utah man after he shot his girlfriend in the leg for not inviting him to a party.

Utah man

Utah man shot her teen girlfriend in the leg. (Photo: Globe News)

Utah Man Shot His Teen Girlfriend

A Utah man identified as Fahd Mahdi, 18 years old, got angry after his girlfriend did not invite him to come to a party. It was found that the Mahdi went to the party place a short time later his girlfriend arrived and demanded that she would come with him.

In a published article in FOX News, the Mahdi already warned his girlfriend that there will be trouble if she will go to the party without him. It was found during the investigation that he told his girlfriend at the party place that he is not afraid to punch her in front of everyone.

Moreover,  it was stated in the documents that, “[She] stated that Mahdi displayed a pistol, and she asked him if he had taken pictures with the gun. [She] reported that her ears started to ring, and she realized that she had been shot in the leg by Mahdi.”

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Utah Man Is Facing Felony Charges

According to a published report in New York Post, Fahd Mahdi will face a first-degree felony. He was arrested at his home in South Jordan. The prosecutors also asked that he will be held in the Salt Lake County Jail without the possibility of bail.

Meanwhile, the victim said that the Utah man has been very violent and abusive in their relationship. She also added that Mahdi is very possessive and treats her like property. She also said Mahdi is “physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive toward her.”

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