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Georgia Man Pretends as a Police Officer was Arrested by Real Officers

Georgia man
Georgia man pretended as a police officer was arrested. (Photo: Yahoo)

A Georgia man who pretended as a police officer and even wore a police uniform was arrested by real officers in Atlanta.

Georgia man

Georgia man pretended as a police officer was arrested. (Photo: Yahoo)

Georgia Man Impersonates as a Police Officer

A Georgia man, who pretended as a police officer, was arrested by real police officers in Atlanta. The on-duty real officers were patrolling parking lots when they noticed a man who wore a police uniform. They thought that the man was off-duty at that time.

In a published article in FOX News, they noticed that the Georgia man’s uniform was slightly off and the body camera his body camera was different. They suspected that something was not right because he began to become nervous when they started to ask him questions.

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Real Police Officers Arrested the Georgia Man

According to a published article in The Atlanta-Journal Consitution, real police officers were informed by their supervisors to investigate further. Two supervisors from the Atlanta Police Department immediately responded to the parking lot and met the Georgia man.

The two supervisors found that the Georgia man has no certification record and they could not also found his name in their database. He was immediately taken into custody.

On a Facebook page, the Atlanta Police Department wrote, “The investigation into this man is far from over. We will be looking into whether he impersonated a police officer in other situations or at other locations. We are asking anyone who may have encountered this fake officer to contact us.”

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