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Jealousy Problems: Texas Man Confesses of Killing His Wife

Texas man
Texas man was arrested and confessed of killing his wife. (Photo: Yahoo)

A Texas man was arrested and confessed to the police authorities how he perpetrated and killed his wife over jealousy problems.

Texas man

Texas man was arrested and confessed of killing his wife. (Photo: Yahoo)

Texas Woman Was Fatally Killed by Her Husband

A Texas man identified as Abel Giovani Nava, common-law husband of the victim, was charged and arrested for fatally killing his wife. The victim was identified as Jocelyn Morales, 22 years old, who was found dead by the Cameron County Sheriff’s officials when they conducted a welfare check.

In a published article in FOX News, officials said that they found several anomalies and foul play and the primary suspect was her husband. Moreover, the police officials found her husband in “Old Mexico” to seek refuge and escape from the crime.

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Texas Man Was Arrested and Confessed of Killing His Wife

According to a published article in PEOPLE, the Sheriff’s Office wrote on their official Facebook page, “Once at the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office, Abel Giovani Nava provided a full confession of how he perpetrated this crime against his own spouse over jealousy problems.”

When the Texas man was arrested, he confessed to the officers how he fatally killed his wife over jealousy problems. Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz also added that he was then found parked in an empty lot at Lincoln Park in Brownsville where he was arrested. He was charged with murder cases and is awaiting an arraignment.

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