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Strange Death Near Palisades Park, Possibly Self-Inflicted According to Authorities

In the Philadelphia region, three persons were charged with trafficking "ghost guns" and silencers that were made in their homes.

Santa Monica Police Department discovered a Strange Death Near Palisades Park.

Connecticut police officer

Strange death near Palisades Park, possibly self-inflicted according to authorities (Photo: FOX)

A tragic Self-Inflicted incident in Palisades Park.

A strange death near Palisades Park in Santa Monica, California, sparked an investigation into the circumstances of his untimely death. The series of incidents began with a disturbing call to the police at 10:48 p.m. on a gloomy Sunday night.
The caller reported seeing a man in a gray hoodie firing a gun into the air near Block 170 on Ocean Avenue. When police arrived on the scene, they found a used shell casing, which was evidence that the gun had been fired.
Unfortunately, the person in question had already left the crime scene and was on his way south. To further confuse the situation, another witness came forward.

A Strange Death near Palisades Park, Self-inflicted according to an investigation.

One woman said she saw a man shoot into the air and tragically point the gun at herself, an act she didn’t seem to understand. Shortly after this disturbing revelation, police officers were called under the steps of Broadway near the Pacific Coast Highway, where they found a strange death near Palisades Park. Strikingly, the victim bears a striking resemblance to the person described in the initial call on Ocean Avenue, and based on these details, investigators quickly concluded that he was connected between the two incidents.
The tragedy worsened when the victim was revealed to be a homeless man with an address in Los Angeles at the time of his decease.
The Santa Monica Police Department continues its investigation of the strange death near Palisades Park.  in addition, the Santa Monica Police Department said that the strange death near Palisades Park was allegedly in his 40s of age. Furthermore, The Medical Coroner/Examiner from Los Angeles County is still in the process of determining what are the possible causes of the strange death near Palisades Park.
The community was encouraged to gather additional information about the incident and they pursued the nearby community about the incident to give some other information with regards to the strange death near Palisades Park.

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