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Trafficking of ‘Ghost Guns’ Alleged: 3 People Charged near Philadelphia

Three people have been charged with trafficking "ghost guns" and silencers that were made at their residences in the Philadelphia region.

Authorities said on Wednesday that two people had been accused of trafficking of “ghost guns” and silencers that had been manufactured in their homes in the Philadelphia area.

In the Philadelphia region, three persons were charged with trafficking “ghost guns” and silencers that were made in their homes.

“Federal Authorities Investigate Shipment of Silencer Parts to Tony Phan Ho’s Home”

According to Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, Tony Phan Ho, 32, Ritha “Kay” Ngoy, 36, both of Hatfield, and Michael Phan Nguyen, 32, of Landsdale have all been charged with leading an unethical organization, conspiring, trafficking of “ghost guns”, and possession of weapons. The unlawful distribution and trading of firearms—often handmade or wanting of serial numbers—that are difficult to trace is referred to as the trafficking of “ghost gun.” These actions are prohibited by law and present serious dangers to public safety.


When federal authorities learned that a shipment of silencer parts had been sent to Tony Phan Ho’s home in May, they launched an investigation. According to court records, the cargo was seized by federal agents who worked with the Montgomery County, Maryland, local police to question Ho about its contents. The investigation into Ho was initiated because of suspicions of his involvement in the trafficking of “ghost guns,”. By creating full trafficking of “ghost guns” which are untraceable firearms without serial numbers, he disproved the charges of trafficking in “ghost guns.”


Ho allegedly gave Ngoy instructions to remove specific weapons and firearm components from his home so that they would not be found there before he met the investigators. Ngoy subsequently admitted to the trafficking of “ghost guns” by providing such materials to the authorities.

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“Man Arrested for Purchasing and Manufacturing Ghost Weapons, Possessing Illegal Firearms and Accessories”


Authorities claim that Nguyen requested Ho to construct trafficking of ‘ghost guns’ for him. Ho is not permitted to legally purchase handguns because of a prior conviction; therefore, Nguyen also sought to buy them on his behalf. Straw-purchasing is the term for this activity.

Police discovered proof that Ho sold 15 trafficking of ‘ghost guns’. Steele claimed that Ho might earn a lot more money when his home and shed were searched, and those searches turned up AR-15 rifle parts, polymer pistol kits, ammunition, and other weapons accessories in addition to the tools needed to build trafficking of ‘ghost guns’ from internet kit orders.

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