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An Attempted Murder Suspect Was Buried In Dirt After Escaping From A Psychiatric Facility In Shackles

An attempted murder suspect who fled from an Oregon mental institution in shackles was discovered buried in muck up to his armpits — and almost absconded again until a hospital nurse recognized him, according to authorities.

On Wednesday, a ‘very dangerous’ murder suspect escaped from an Oregon psychiatric institution.

Christopher Pray had been on the run for two days when Portland police responded to a complaint about a possible deceased person in a pond at 8:17 a.m. Friday

According to the report released from New York Post, when rescue teams came, they began chatting to the attempted murder suspect man in the mud and informed authorities that police officers were not required, according to officials. “The attempted murder suspect patient was stuck in the mud, approximately 75 feet from firm ground, and was buried up to their armpits,” according to an Oregon State Police press release. “A rope and ladder were required for the rescue in order to remove the patient.”

Authorities say a murder suspect who fled from a mental facility while completely chained was discovered mired in dirt. According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, Christopher Lee Pray, 39, escaped from the Oregon State Hospital in Salem on Wednesday and was labeled “extremely dangerous” by authorities. Pray stole a staffer’s car and led cops on a high-speed chase while “fully restrained with leg shackles, a belly chain, handcuffs, and a restraint connecting all three together,” according to authorities.

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A murder suspect from Oregon who fled from a psychiatric facility while completely chained was discovered trapped in muck up to his armpits

In a recently published report from Business Insider India, according to OPB, Pray, the attempted murder suspect was transported to a medical center to be treated for injuries, where he offered a false identity but was quickly recognized by a hospital staff. The hospital personnel informed the police, who arrived to arrest him.

According to OPB, he was apprehended on Friday after emergency services reacted to a call about a possibly dead corpse in a pond and discovered Pray alive and trapped in the muck up to his armpits.

According to Portland Fire and Rescue, Pray attempted to swim across the pond but became caught in the murky water for almost 12 hours. Ropes were used by emergency personnel to lift him to firm ground.

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