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Gabriel Guevara A Spanish Actor Was Arrested During The Venice Festival On Suspicion Of Sexual Assault

Gabriel Guevara, a 22-year-old teen hero, is presently in protective custody, with no accusations filed against him.(Source:Hindustan Times)

The 22-year-old actor is allegedly being held in protective custody on unspecified accusations. Gabriel Guevara was detained the day before he was scheduled to receive an award at Venice Film Festival.

Gabriel Guevara, a 22-year-old teen hero, is presently in protective custody, with no accusations filed against him. (Source: IMDb)

According to Variety, the 22-year-old teen star is presently in protective custody, with allegations against him unclear

In a report released from Daily Mail, the upcoming actor was not an official guest of the 80th edition of the film festival, but he did attend a non-official function on Sunday at the Hotel Excelsior. Mr. Guevara was expected to earn the il Filming Italy (Filming Italy) Best Movie International Award Young Generation for his role in My Fault at the event.

Filming Italy is unrelated to the main Venice Film Festival and takes place as a subsidiary event. ‘The organizers of the il Filming Italy Best Movie Award project notified local news agency Ansa that they had stopped any recognition as a precaution, waiting for the nature of the facts involving him [Guevara] to be confirmed and with entire faith that justice would take its course,’ said the organizers of the il Filming Italy Best Movie Award initiative. The Venice Film Festival court of appeals is expected to rule on whether Mr. Guevara’s case necessitates extradition.

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The Spanish celebrity was wanted by French police and was apprehended by Italian officials during the festival on the day before he was to collect an award

In a recently published article from The Hollywood Reporter, Guevara rose to prominence in Europe in 2018 as Cristian Miralles Haro in the first season of Skam Spain, a local version of a popular adolescent drama franchise, and his appearances in the My Fault films only added to his notoriety.

Noah (Nicole Wallace) is forced to leave her village for the house of her mother’s new husband, where she meets her new stepbrother, Nick (Guevara). While their personalities first clash, their desire to one other eventually leads to a love connection that flips their worlds upside down.

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