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Montpelier’s Resilience Shines: Reopened Stores Bring Joy and Support After Devastating Flood

Montpelier’s Resilience Shines as four downtown stores reopen, overcoming heavy floods that devastated the state’s capital city and other areas, with businesses working tirelessly to rebuild and restore their establishments in under two months.

A ray of light has appeared in the wake of the terrible floods that devastated the state’s capital city and several areas of the region, as four stores in downtown Montpelier have been able to reopen their doors during the past few months.

“Community Support Shines as Montpelier Shops Bounce Back from Flooding”

In the aftermath of the devastating floods that ravaged the state’s capital city and various parts of the region, a glimmer of hope has emerged as four stores in downtown Montpelier have managed to reopen their doors in the past couple of months. Despite the widespread closures of many businesses, the local community has rallied behind these reopened establishments, expressing their support and joy. A crowd eagerly gathered outside the beloved Bear Pond Books, a cherished bookstore with a 50-year history, eagerly awaiting its reopening. Co-owner Claire Benedict described the day as one filled with happiness and optimism, as customers showered the store with hugs, congratulations, and even cookies.

Some people believe the intense rainfall in July, which caused such enormous damage, to be the worst natural disaster to affect the state since the devastating flood of 1927. In some places, the destruction brought on by Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 was surpassed by the water. For instance, Bear Pond Books suffered from floodwaters that submerged their collection of books and furniture to a depth of about 3 1/2 feet.

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“A Day of Celebration: Customers Show Support as Bear Pond Books Reopens”

As the doors of Bear Pond Books swung open once again, a palpable sense of excitement filled the air. A woman, brimming with joy, couldn’t contain her enthusiasm as she sang and danced her way through the crowded bookstore. Her infectious energy set the tone for the day of celebration, and it was clear that the community was thrilled to have their beloved bookstore back in action. Some customers even proudly sported badges proclaiming themselves as “Friends of Bear Pond Books,” a testament to their unwavering support.
With newly acquired books in hand, customers streamed out of the store, proudly displaying their commitment to the recently reopened enterprise. Among them was Lee Crawford, a resident of Plymouth, Vermont, who had eagerly followed Bear Pond Books on Facebook during its closure. Crawford made a special journey to her favorite bookshop on its first day of business, expressing her sheer delight at its revival. She emphasized the importance of supporting local businesses and expressed optimism that other establishments in the area would also experience a strong resurgence.
As Bear Pond Books and its neighboring businesses took their first steps towards recovery, the community rallied together, demonstrating the power of unity and the unwavering spirit of support. It was a day to celebrate resilience, hope, and the enduring love for the written word that binds a community together.

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