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While Ukraine’s Air Force Avoids Russian Missiles, The United States And Its Allies Practice Keeping Their Planes Flying While Under Attack

The Air Force's agile combat employment, or ACE, concept for such activities

In the midst of continued Russian assaults, Ukraine’s air force has remained functioning. It is able to do so in great part due to its ability to scatter its aircraft while remaining effective.

The Air Force’s agile combat employment, or ACE, concept for such activities.

This accomplishment has heightened the urgency of the United States Air Force’s own efforts to disperse its planes and pilots

According to the recently published article from Yahoo News, Ukraine’s air force is still intact and operating after 18 months of bombardment by Russia’s larger and better-equipped military. Despite the fact that neither side has control of the air, Ukrainian planes may still go to the skies and target Russian positions. That accomplishment arises from the Ukrainian air force’s ability to avoid Russian aircraft, missiles, and drones, and it has heightened the US Air Force’s attention on the capacity to deploy forces and function while under assault.

The Air Force’s concept for such operations, known as agile combat employment, or ACE, predates the war and was developed with the Pacific in mind, but events in Ukraine highlight the capabilities that the US and its allies need to develop, according to Gen. James Hecker, commander of US Air Forces Europe, on August 18.

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In a recently published article from Business Insider, “Ukraine has been doing it for a year and a half, and they’ve gotten really good at it, whereas we haven’t done it very often,” Hecker said to reporters.

US Air Forces Europe, like other Air Force commands, conducts ACE exercises on a regular basis. That effort includes recovering some of the capacity that existed during the Cold War. US Air Forces Europe, like other Air Force commands, periodically conducts ACE exercises. That work aims to restore some of the capability that existed during the Cold War.

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