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Cash 5 Reaches $1.2 Million: Mystery Millionaire Emerges in Charlotte

The identity of the lucky winner of a $1.2 million lottery ticket sold in Charlotte, NC on Friday remains unknown, adding to the excitement surrounding the unclaimed prize.

The Cash 5 jackpot soared to an incredible $1,226,664, making dreams come true!

Who is the lucky winner of the $1.2 million in Charlotte’s Millionaire Mystery?”

Someone in Charlotte, North Carolina just became a millionaire! Can you imagine winning $1.2 million? It’s like a dream come true! But here’s the catch – nobody knows who the lucky winner is. It’s a mystery!

Matching all five numbers on a lottery ticket is no easy feat. In fact, the chances of getting it right are incredibly slim – 1 in 962,598! The prize-winner gets 180 days to claim it.

The Cash 5 lottery jackpot hasn’t reached $1 million since November. This time, it soared to an amazing $1,226,664! Can you imagine all the things you could do with that much money? It’s mind-blowing! The biggest Cash 5 jackpot ever won was $2.1 million back in April 2021.

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“North Carolina lottery and its impact on education in the state”

Now that the jackpot has been won, the prize for the next Saturday’s draw has been reset to $100,000. In North Carolina, there are six different lottery games you can play. You can buy tickets at stores or even online using the lottery’s website or mobile app. Cash 5 is just one of those games.

It might surprise you to learn that the money raised from ticket sales for events like Cash 5 is crucial to sustaining education in North Carolina. The lottery actually raises an incredible $2.5 million every day just for educational purposes. The quantity of money provided is astounding! Visit the North Carolina Lottery’s official website at and explore the area labeled “Impact” to discover more about the lottery’s beneficial effects on the state.

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