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Woman Strip Naked and Her Hair was Chopped Using a Machete, Kentucy Man Was Arrested

Kentucky man
Kentucky man strip naked, chopped naked, and chained his partner. (Photo: Yahoo)

A Kentucky man was charged and arrested for chopping the hair of his wife using a machete, chaining her to the floor, and stripping her naked.

Kentucky man

Kentucky man stripped naked, chopped naked, and chained his partner. (Photo: Yahoo)

Woman Was Physically Abused

A Kentucky man identified as Moises May, 36 years old, was charged and arrested after he physically abused his partner. The woman identified as Joanna Wilson was stripped naked, her hair was chopped using a machete, and she was chained to the floor.

In a published article in FOX News, the incident began when May and Wilson have an argument on Wednesday evening. It was also found during the investigation that he fathered the child of Wilson but their argument ended in horrible physical abuse.

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Kentucky Man Was Charged and Arrested

According to an article published on the site What Really Happened, Wilson said, “He made me strip naked, he put the chain around my neck. He called his friend and said, ‘I’ve got to take this equipment back to Lowe’s. When I come back, I’m going to kill you. I only had a few minutes to get out.”

After the woman was rescued and the Kentucky man was arrested, police officers charged the man with kidnapping, two counts of assault, and terroristic threatening. Additionally, the Kentucky man was also charged with intimidating a participant in the legal process, wanton endangerment, and harassment.

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