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Biden Visits to Beijing: Uncovering the Hidden Agenda

The primary goal of the Biden visits to Beijing is to enhance commercial relations with China while simultaneously imposing trade restrictions.

Biden aims to bolster military dominance in the Pacific region.

“Unraveling the Biden Administration’s Approach: Examining Visits to Beijing and the China Policy”

The Biden visits to Beijing have recently included Gina Raimondo, who became the most recent representative to engage in diplomatic discussions with Chinese officials. As the investigations into these visits, which also involved Blinken, Yellen, and Kerry, continue, there are growing doubts regarding the criteria used to select these officials and whether their competence played a significant role. The concerns are further amplified by Raimondo’s underwhelming performance as a governor, raising questions about her suitability as a representative of the incoming Biden administration.

The primary goal of the Biden visits to Beijing by these officials is to enhance commercial relations with China while simultaneously imposing trade restrictions. However, the approach of conducting business in a manner that undermines China’s competitiveness seems contradictory. Previous visits by Blinken, Yellen, Kerry, and now Raimondo have not yielded successful outcomes. Raimondo’s visit to Shanghai Disneyland further highlights the lack of progress in these engagements. It becomes evident that the Biden administration lacks a clearly defined China policy.

Through the Biden visits to Beijing, it becomes apparent that the administration aims to bolster military dominance in the Pacific region while simultaneously exerting pressure on China’s economy. This strategy involves imposing restrictions on crucial sectors of China’s economy, which are justified under the guise of national security concerns. However, the underlying objective seems to be impeding China’s technological advancements and prioritizing the securitization of economic relations with the country.


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“Theatrical Visits and Remilitarization: Unveiling Biden’s China Strategy”

The military buildup in the Pacific contradicts the administration’s statements that China is not being surrounded, therefore worries have been heightened by Biden’s visits to Beijing. These justifications are not accepted by China and other Asian countries. Instead, the visits by the Biden administration to China are seen as mere theatrical productions intended for an American audience. The underlying objective seems to be to buy time and delay remilitarization while maintaining the appearance of engagement with China, potentially risking the ignition of a new Cold War.

The Biden visits to Beijing, as demonstrated by the trips made by Blinken, Yellen, Kerry, and Raimondo, shed light on the administration’s risky strategy, which poses an increased danger in the world. Firstly, it is imperative to document and uphold the truth surrounding these visits. Secondly, the actions of the Biden regime in the Pacific region mirror the strategies employed during the first Cold War. These aggressive actions not only harm Americans but also diminish their opportunities for a peaceful resolution.

It’s possible that the representatives in Beijing won’t take the difficulties in our relations with China seriously or with competence. China is only one illustration of the leadership’s general lack of sincerity and inability to address the pressing issues of the day.

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