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The Risky List of The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon in 2023

Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon

The Beaver State, sometimes known as Oregon, has the dubious distinction of having the tenth-highest violent crime rate in the country.

The Riskiest Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon 2023

The state’s metropolitan areas skillfully avoid having their names carved on any of America’s most infamous lists of unsafe cities

In a recently published article from South West Journal, surprisingly, safety in Oregon isn’t merely a numbers game. Given its standing as the state’s largest city, one might expect Portland, the state’s urban behemoth, to be the hub of crime statistics. But it is here that most dangerous cities in Oregon tells its own distinct criminal story.

The villains in this unusual story of law and order aren’t the teeming metropolises. Instead, it’s a group of 10 small towns, with populations ranging from 5,800 to a high of 650,000, that stand out in the state’s crime statistics. These modest, inconspicuous towns endure a disproportionate share of the burden of violent crime, outperforming even Portland.

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Excessive property and violent crimes may make a city an unsafe place to live and visit

According to the recently published article from House Grail, there are several basic things you can take to keep safe in Oregon. If you are traveling or visiting a crime-prone region, be cautious and avoid being overly conspicuous. Use cards instead of cash wherever feasible, and keep a low profile in risky sections of the city. If you reside in one of Oregon’s most hazardous cities, protect your house and car properly, travel in groups, and avoid crime-prone districts.

In terms of crime, Oregon is now in a bad condition. Still, if you are diligent and cautious, you should have few difficulties, but be mindful of your surroundings and the individuals with whom you spend your time. Other communities in most dangerous cities in Oregon may be a safer alternative for a stress-free move or vacation than the cities we highlighted.

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