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Jet Fighters From Pakistan grounded by US regulations

About 146 units of Jet Fighters from Pakistan will be flightless after the United States of America sanctions operations, sources said.

Jet Fighters From Pakistan grounded by US regulations reached about 146 units

Jet Fighters From Pakistan Reveals Further Irregularities

According to the report of the Bulgarian Military, the JF-17 Jet Fighters From Pakistan failed to secure proper equipment during inspection. The report stated that the Jet Fighters From Pakistan were outdated already.

Moreover,  Pakistani officials have called on Chinese allies to help aid the equipment and parts that malfunctioned and thus refused to take action. This lack of maintenance led United States officials to place bars on the 146 Jet Fighters from Pakistan country.

Based on the reports, the Jet Fighters From Pakistan were ordered from the Russian manufacturers wherein the types of equipment that placed them grounded were unable to have qualities of further maintenance.

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Jet Fighters From Pakistan had outdated features

In the analysis of its parts, the Jet Fighters From Pakistan particularly the JF-17 Thunder boast a whopping 1900 kilometer per hour speed. Thus the Jet Fighters From Pakistan are considered old by recent models that are now being used by giant countries on the planet.

Other than that, a single Jet Fighter From Pakistan may carry 3720 weight in kilograms in just a single passage and thus only have a maximum flight of 1350 kilometers by limitations of international rules among this vehicle.

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