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Trump Supporter Who Broke Capitol Window Charged With 10 Years Jail

A Donald Trump supporter who broke the Capitol window last 2021 has now had his verdict with an imprisonment of 10 years, prosecution said.

Trump supporter who broke the Capitol window will now be facing 10 years of imprisonment

Behind the Reason of How Trump Supporter broke Capitol window

According to the report of Pressenter Prise, the jailed Trump supporter who broke the Capitol window was a member of the Proud Boys extremist group who tried to infiltrate the building last January 6th of 2021.

Based on the report, the prisoner was identified as Dominic Pezzola whose superiors attempted to prevent the power transfer to eventual winner Joe Biden, and later on, the Trump supporter incident happened who broke the Capitol window.

Other than that, those allied with the Trump supporter who broke the Capitol window are Enrique Tarrio of Proud Boys and other defendants.

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Other Details of the Trump supporter who broke Capitol window

Daniel Pezzola, the Trump supporter who broke the Capitol window is aged 46 smashed the window to allow rioters to breach the US Capitol last January 2021.

In addition, pieces of evidence were publicly released by the perpetrator and Trump supporter who broke the Capitol window through video-recorded footage of his own.

It can be recalled that the Trump supporter who broke the Capitol window was earlier charged with 20 years imprisonment by prosecutors thus court decided to punish Pezzola with 10 years imprisonment.

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