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Nuclear Strike: Russian State TV Threatens on US

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Igor Korotchenko, editor of the magazine National Defence and a frequent speaker on the Russia 1 channel, where speakers have routinely advocated for attacks on Ukraine’s allies, objects to criticism of Russia’s behaviour in the war.

Crimea’s Kerch Bridge. Following an attack claimed by Ukrainian forces, a Russian cruiser is seen cruising towards the Kerch bridge, which connects the Russian mainland to Crimea, on July 17, 2023. Igor Korotchenko, a Kremlin propagandist, has warned of the consequences if Crimea is attacked.

A Kremlin propagandist has issued the latest nuclear warning to the West in connection with the Ukraine crisis, claiming that the US might face a Russian missile attack

In a recently published article from The Fresno Bee, Hodges has consistently asked that Ukraine be provided with all of the weapons it requires to recapture Crimea, including ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile Systems), which would allow for long-range precision attacks on the peninsula Moscow seized in 2014. In reaction to Korotchenko’s remarks, Hodges told Newsweek that the US government was “finally realising that the likelihood of Russia utilising a nuclear weapon is incredibly limited.”

“Crimea is the decisive terrain of this war,” Hodges said of the peninsula, which has witnessed an increase in attacks alleged to be carried out by Kyiv, including the Kerch Bridge, which connects the seized region with the Russian mainland.

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Putin’s propagandists threaten nuclear strikes on US territory in chilling WW3 warning

In a recently published article from Newsweek, in response to Korotchenko’s remarks, according to Hodges, the US is “finally realising that the likelihood of Russian State TV using a nuclear weapon has increased.” “Russian State TV has been threatening nuclear strikes since the beginning, and I take them seriously because Russia has thousands of nuclear weapons and they clearly don’t care how many innocent people may die,” he said.

He cast his worries as more than the ramblings of a “retired hawk,” but as part of a deliberate information effort aimed at swaying both Russian and Western audiences. Korotchenko went on to demand a debate on the “use and permissibility of tactical nuclear weapons.”

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