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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami 2023 Update

Overtown, one of Miami's oldest African-American communities, is rich in history and culture.

In comparison to other cities of comparable size, Miami is a comparatively safe city. There are, however, certain unsafe places and communities in Miami that should be avoided.

Overtown, one of Miami’s oldest African-American communities, is rich in history and culture.

Miami is not unsafe, particularly if you stick in the downtown and tourist neighborhoods

In a recently published article from Property Club, after all, Miami is a popular vacation and tourist destination, and many celebrities live in the city, so the local police have ensured they keep it safe. Many areas of the city, however, are less than attractive. Crime is often highest in Downtown and Northern Miami, with southern Miami regions being the safest. Regardless, despite certain poor neighborhoods, Miami does not rank among the most hazardous cities in the United States. However, one should proceed with caution or avoid visiting these areas.

Miami as a whole is not a hazardous city, and several of these districts offer major tourist attractions. However, knowing where you are and applying common sense can help you avoid becoming a victim of a crime.

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The districts of Miami are a melting pot of many cultures and lifestyles, each having its own distinct charm and character

In a recently published article from Southwest Journal, Miami appears to have something for everyone, from fashionable hipster enclaves and wealthy places to student-friendly zones and less affluent neighborhoods. Miami’s attraction stems from its solid economy and bustling entertainment scene, which has been ranked as one of the greatest places to live in the country. Not all of Miami, though, has the same sunny reputation.

However, it is also notorious for its high crime rates and dangerous nighttime circumstances. The crime rate in this community is 132% greater than the national average. Little Haiti had 4,500 total crimes reported in 2022, with a population of 33,229. There were 1,056 violent offenses and 3,444 property crimes among them. The median household income is around $40,948, but the average house value is $340,210, demonstrating a substantial disparity between income and housing expenditures.

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