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Check Your Mega Millions Tickets Right Away Since Two $10,000 Rewards Have Gone Unclaimed, But You Must Follow Specific Requirements

Lotto Ticket of Powerball Lottery Numbers

TWO winning Mega Millions tickets have gone unclaimed, and they will no longer be valued.

lottery ticket

In late August, a pair of $10,000 Mega Millions tickets were purchased in Maryland

In a recently published article The U.S Sun, the tickets outperformed the 1 in 931,001 odds to win the third prize in the August 29 drawing. The winning number combinations were 9, 39, 52, 61, and 63. with the Golden Mega Ball landing on the number 25. Both winners were one number away from winning the tens of millions of dollars jackpot.

They would have won $1 million if they had gotten that number but not the Golden Mega Ball. Kemp Mill Beer & Wine in Silver Spring sold one of the tickets. The other was purchased at Charlotte Hall’s Vino-2 Wine & Liquor. Both tickets’ expiry dates have already begun. Players in Maryland must collect their tickets within 182 days following the drawing.

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$10,000 from a winning lottery ticket remains unclaimed

In a recently published article WTOK-TV, while all eyes are on Monday night’s third-largest Powerball jackpot, some rewards that have previously been won have yet to be claimed. Among them is a $10,000 winner from the Mega Millions drawing on March 28, 2023, which was sold at Main Street Junction on West Beacon Street in Philadelphia. It has yet to be claimed, however it expires on September 24.

Many Mega Millions winners must choose between receiving a smaller lump amount immediately or receiving the entire jackpot as an annuity. While the annuity is greater, it takes several years, if not decades, to pay out. And, while the payment plan appears to be smart, one well-known financial guru, for the most part, disagrees. On his renowned TV show, Dave Ramsey advised a lottery winner to take a lump payment rather than an annuity.

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