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Most Dangerous Cities in Michigan 2023 Update

Most people associate Michigan with abandoned buildings, decaying industrial districts, along with elevated crime rates in places such as Detroit and Flint.

Place of Michigan View

Muskegon Heights

In a recently published article from Property Club, Muskegon Heights is Michigan’s most hazardous city. The city has a population of 10,730 people and a reputation for having a high crime rate. Muskegon Heights has a modest population, yet the rate of violent and property crime is far out of proportion.

With a crime rate of 5,390 in 2022, the total crime rate was 330% higher than the national average. This indicates that each citizen has a one in 19 risk of becoming a victim of a crime of any kind. Furthermore, events involving burglary and property destruction are quite widespread, with house invasions being common.

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The Battle for Safety in Michigan’s Most Dangerous Cities 2023

In a recently published article from Southwest Journal, when most people think of Michigan, they see derelict structures, economically depressed industrial districts, and high crime rates in cities like Detroit and Flint. Despite the fact that certain portions of the state are incredibly lovely, others are infamous for violence and should be avoided.

Muskegon Heights tops the list of Michigan’s riskiest cities. Despite its small population of 10,730 people, this city has an abnormally high crime rate. Muskegon Heights had a crime rate that was 330% higher than the national average in 2022, with 5,390 offenses per population, implying a 1 in 19 risk of becoming a victim of crime. The city is infamous for burglary and property destruction, with house invasions occurring on a regular basis.


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