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Finesse2tymes’ Acts of Kindness: Making a Difference on Tour

During Finesse2tymes’ Larger Than Life Tour, he took to Instagram to share his plan with his 1 million followers: he aims to bail one person out of jail in every city he visits.

“Finesse2tymes: Making a Positive Impact on Tour”

Finesse2tymes, a rapper from Memphis, is doing something really cool while he’s on tour. He wants to help people who are in jail by bailing them out. In an Instagram Story, he told his 1 million followers about his plan. He wants to bail one person out of jail in each city he visits during his Larger Than Life Tour. And guess what? He’s already started!

Before we get into the good stuff, let’s talk about Finesse2tymes’ own legal troubles. Black Enterprise claims that the Houston Police Department just issued an arrest warrant for him. They say he stole a rental car from an Enterprise location back in February 2023. The car was supposed to be returned by April 24, but it wasn’t.

On April 25, the police found the car outside a recording studio. A woman was getting into it and driving away. When the police asked her about it, she said she got the keys from her boss, who she only knew as Finesse2Tymes. She said she was using the car for his errands. Right now, Finesse hasn’t been charged for this incident.

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“Rapper Finesse2tymes declares his support for helping people despite obstacles in the judicial system”

In another Instagram Story, Finesse shared pictures of himself in the back of a police car. He said he was picked up on a warrant from 2018. He seemed pretty annoyed about it, saying, “These folks won’t let me be great, just came to lock me up for a warrant in 2018. I’ll be back, y’all.” He also talked about how tough it is for him because he’s outnumbered by both the authorities and his rivals.

Even though Finesse2tymes has his own legal problems, he still wants to help others who might be going through similar situations. That’s why he’s using his fame and money to post bail for people in each city he visits on his tour. He really wants to make a difference in their lives. This shows that he cares about his community and wants to use his influence for good.

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