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Alleged Murder-Suicide: A Family of 4 Found Dead Inside an Apartment in NYC

NYPD found four deceased bodies inside an apartment. (Photo: New York Times)

A family of four including two children under the age of three years old were found dead inside an apartment in New York City.


NYPD found four deceased bodies inside an apartment. (Photo: New York Times)

A Family of 4 Was Found Dead Inside an Apartment

Police authorities immediately conducted a welfare check in an apartment located at West 86th Street near Riverside Drive and West End Avenue. This is after a relative tried to open the apartment but it was locked and drilled holes into the door.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, police authorities found the four deceased bodies of 41-year-old Edison Lopez, 40-year-old Alexandra Witek, 3-year-old Lucien Lopez, and 1-year-old Calvin Lopez with stab wounds.

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Alleged Murder-Suicide

According to a published article in NBC News, the New York Police Department believed that the incident could be a murder-suicide. The authorities found three knives used in the crime but they also said that there were no other suspects involved in the alleged murder-suicide.

Furthermore, it was found during the investigation that Loez was the superintendent of the building but he accepted a new job at a new building in Westchester County and was getting ready to move. The deceased bodies of Lopez and Witek were found separately but one of the knives was found inside the bedroom of Lopez.

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