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Reseda Boxing Gym Incident: Famous Rapper Blueface Injured – What Really Happened?

Reseda Boxing Gym Incident: Famous Rapper Blueface Injured (Photo: Pexels)

Popular rapper Blueface used social media to notify his fans that he will not be able to compete in a boxing match on October 14, 2023, due to injuries from a stabbing incident at Reseda Boxing Gym. The assailant remains unidentified as per the Los Angeles Police Department.

Reseda Boxing Gym Incident Made Blueface Rapper Injured (Photo: Pexels)

The well-known rapper Blueface, also known as Johnathan Jamall Porter, is currently recuperating from stab injuries sustained from an unknown suspect during a training session for an upcoming boxing match at a Reseda Boxing Gym.

The Messenger Entertainment released an article saying that according to a spokesperson from the Los Angeles Police Department, rapper Blueface was training was stabbed in Reseda boxing gym on Wednesday morning. Blueface was rushed to the hospital by paramedics after the stabbing incident in Reseda boxing gym.

The spokesperson, Tony Im, did not confirm that Blueface was the victim but stated that a male with a stab wound was transported to the hospital while the suspect allegedly sped away from the Reseda boxing gym in a black Model S Tesla that had no license plates.

Blueface later announced on Instagram that he would not be able to participate in an upcoming fight due to his injury, explaining that he was attacked with a knife during practice at a Reseda boxing gym.

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The suspect came in the Reseda boxing gym with a dog and the identity is still remained unknown.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, Blueface shared on his Instagram account the security footage from the Reseda boxing gym where a young man was seen wearing a white tank top, pale blue jeans, and white sneakers entered the Reseda boxing gym with his dog and began fighting with Blueface, who was in the middle of a training session.

Blueface was wearing a black tank top, pale beige shorts, and electric blue high top sneakers.

The Reseda boxing gym’s trainer, David Kaminsky, who was wearing a black shirt and gray shorts, tried to intervene and break up the argument.

The argument escalated, and Blueface, wearing white boxing gloves, punched the man multiple times in the face. The man’s black Rottweiler dog was nearby on a leash.

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