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Fed Rate hike possible as inflation rises — Commerce

Fed Rate hike might go higher after 16 months of no alterations.

Fed Rate Hike and Interest Rates

Based on the recent report released by USA Today, the Fed Rate hike may fluctuate from a base rate of 5.25 percent up to 5.5 percent which has been recorded as one of the highest public tax in the recent 22 years.

According to an analysis by Pantheon Macroeconomics, the soaring of Fed Rate hike rates might push higher prices to the market as consumption slides while taking a toll on American citizens.

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Other Affected Sectors of Inflation

Recent records by the Department of Commerce show that not only the Fed Rate hike had hiked but also family expenditures of citizens this last July with a tally of 0.8 percent. This pushed the market status to have higher stocks yet lower demands in the recent analysis.

With the outlook of the Commerce Department, inflation has now impacted the probable increase of Fed Rate hike yet unstable rise with income and salary. Other than that Fed Rate hikes have not moved since the last 16 months.

It can be recalled that not only Fed Rate hike were affected but also the student loan repayments by American citizens.

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