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Two New Squadron of US Fighter Jets Capable Of Carrying Nuclear Weapons ‘Will Be Stationed In UK This Year – To Signal Russia That The US Is “Serious” About The New Cold War’

‘F-35s will be based there,’ a defense insider told the Telegraph. ‘They have deployed and will be arriving by the end of this year, if not in 2024.’

There are proposals to send in 54 F-35s to replace the present F-15s at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.

It comes following allegations that Americans may once again host nuclear weapons in the United Kingdom

According to reports released by Daily mail, two squadrons of US fighter planes capable of delivering nuclear bombs will be deployed in the UK this year. ‘It’s a newer, more competent aircraft with a greater range and stealth, which is critical if you’re going to use them to properly deliver nuclear bombs,’ the insider claimed. Prior to 2008, the Suffolk facility had 110 US nuclear weapons. They were decommissioned when the prospect of nuclear war receded.

The planes are capable of carrying out tactical nuclear attacks, as well as air-to-air operations and information collection. According to military officials, there are plans to send in 54 F-35s to replace the present F-15s, which are also capable of delivering nuclear warheads but are less modern.

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Nuclear weapons will be stationed in the United Kingdom, demonstrating that the US is serious about attacking Russia

According to the recently published article from Nogoon Masrya, “Telegraaf” reported that the two American squadrons will comprise F-35 jets, the most sophisticated in the world, and will be based at Lakenheath in eastern Britain. Lakenheath Base is owned by the British Royal Air Force but is now leased by the US Air Force.
According to “Telegraaf,” a military source, “the F-35 planes will be there and will move (to Britain) by the end of this year.”

The aircraft in the two American squadrons are capable of carrying tactical nuclear bombs as well as performing jobs like as engaging fighters in the air and gathering intelligence data. According to military sources, there are plans to put 54 “F-35” jets at the facility instead of “F-15” fighters, which can carry nuclear bombs but are less modern.

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